Mission statement

The Education Foundation of Mason City Public Schools was established in 1995 by the recommendation of the school board to strengthen community participation in our public community. The Foundation's mission is to provide extended learning opportunities, supplemental funding, more scholarships and a tax-deductible means for alumni to donate.

       This past spring, due to the generous philanthropy of several donors and support of many alumni, the Education Foundation awarded over $37,000 to deserving MCHS seniors through the endowment fund. In addition to scholarships, the Foundation is committed to enrichment and supplementing programs in the district. Some of the Foundation's accomplishments include:

  • Launched a Mini-Grant Program allowing teachers to apply for grant funds of $300 annually to help fund curriculum-enhancing projects that directly impact student-learning opportunities.
  •  Printed parent handbooks outlining curriculum goals for each elementary grade.
  •  Provided the district with $3,000 worth of laptop computers to be used as a check-out program for students who do not have a home computer.
  •  Helped fund the IM Series Teacher training with a contribution of $5,000.
  • Gave congratulatory stipends to teachers who received their National Master Teacher Certification.
  • Provided seed money to implement a Career Center at MCHS.
  •  In 2003, $5,000 donation to the technical wing at the high school for the purchase of a computer-assisted router.
  •  In 2004, approved $5,000 gift to the new science renovation project for the purchase of microscopes

The Foundation is extremely proud of the quality of Mason City's public education and is committed to ensuring that it will remain on the cutting edge as we move through the 21st century. The Board would like to publicly thank their donors and encourage continued support to assist the Foundation in maintaining its mission.