MC Scholar Dollars

Smart program for smart supporters from smart merchants.

Dear Supporter:

Yes, that is what MC Scholar Dollars is. It is smart. Smart people like to get more than they paid for and that is what MC Scholar Dollars gives you. Because when you join and shop at over 600 internet retailers your child’s school gets a rebate of what you spent. Smart. Internet retailers like Amazon, Macys, Best Buy, Wal-Mart have joined MC Scholar Dollars because they are smart. They know supporting schools is smart business and supporting the schools of their loyal customers is even smarter. Finally, if we made it hard to use then that would not be smart.

So, it is so easy. Just click here, fill out your name and address and install the REALLY smart reminder service and that’s it. Nothing happens until you shop and that is when the MC Scholar Dollars does the smartest thing of all. It gets money back to the school to improve the quality of education for your kids. Just like we said. A smart program for smart people…like you.

We are excited by this wonderful program, so please join and spread the word. 

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